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If you want to serve voluntarily according to your availability we can add you in the great team of ”Taleem ul Quraan” teachers.First we will enroll you in our teacher’s training class. After certification you will be the member of our honorable team.If you are already elligible for teaching then you should go through a short test and be the member of this faculty.You can join us fully, partially according to your availability forever ,for whole year, for specific time,minimum for one complete class i.e. As a Nazirah teacher minimum for 4 months and Tarjumah teacher minimum for 1 year.You can also have a choice to teach one class or more than one.Nazirah class one to one and daily class time is half hour. Tarjumah class will be group class and class time is 45 minutes.You can also have a choice to give the time for teaching according to your availabilty round the clock, at the start of every hour. Join us to spread the Noor of the Holy Quran.

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